by Roger Roger

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released January 15, 2016

All songs by Madeleine Roger and Lucas Roger
Co-produced by Roger Roger & Lloyd Peterson

Madeleine Roger - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Mandolin, Hand Percussion
Lucas Roger - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Lloyd Peterson - Organ, Hand Percussion
Julian Bradford - Electric Bass, Upright Bass, Cello
Damon Mitchell - Drums
Scott Senior - Cajon, Congas
Alex Campbell - Organ

Recorded by Lloyd Peterson at Paintbox Recording in Winnipeg, MB.
Mixed by John Whynot.
Mastered by Jamie Sitar at Outta Town Sound.

Produced with the participation of Manitoba Film & Music.


all rights reserved



Roger Roger Winnipeg, Manitoba

Roger Roger is a sibling folk/roots duo from Winnipeg, Canada. Twins Lucas and Madeleine Roger are both singer-songwriters who have joined forces, each playing guitar and shamelessly harmonizing all over each others' songs. They are quickly becoming known for the blend of their vocals, compelling storytelling, and genuine vibe. ... more

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Track Name: 13 Crows
He so old today he tried

To remember how it felt to be five

And a half at the edge of a sandbox
Shipwrecks, castles, and warlocks

Secretly hoping for chickenpox

So you could stay in home from school

Wouldn’t that be cool

And you wouldn’t have to get it when you’re older

He so old today he thought about

All that stuff he shouldn’ta bought
Like that shitty wind-up radio
Nothing like the one he made in ’42
With his dad, a 1st world war veteran
Or that sinister cat
Why did I buy that

I was right, it didn’t make me happy

There came a time when he saw his life as he grew older

As pictures laid out in the dust

Put em all together one stitch at a time

A little out of line saying

Can you remember that day

There were thirteen crows on our apple tree
You said, “Tell me whatca think about that”

He so old he looked around

Imagining his world as upside-down
Books falling onto the ceiling

Huge step over the doorframe

A daughter who would never say his name
A son who wouldn’t call

Winter walking at the mall

Lucky that’s not now it happened

He so old he took my hand

Said, “Hunny, I’ll have you understand”
There’s only two ways in this world to be
You’ve got to be kind and you’ve got to be free
I didn’t always do that so take it from me

I have no complaints

I’ll take it up with the Saints

If in the end they let me into Heaven
Track Name: Think Of Me
Think of me once in the daytime
Think of me twice at night

Think of me while you’re sleeping
Can’t you see
Can’t you see what you’ve done to me

Bridge under troubled water
Door slam never had the key
I click my heals three times
Can’t you see
Can’t you see how it feels to me

Do you do the things you do

When you haven’t got a soul to tell em to
Little white lie, little white lie

I forgot how to be

You forgot about me

Think of me once in the daytime
Call my name out twice at night
Dream of me while you’re sleeping
Can’t believe
Can’t believe what you’ve done to me
Track Name: Another Girl's Shoes
Well we had a little fun but was it worth
The heartache and the heartbreak

All the stolen time

Walk into a train wreck knowing all the time
Carnage and wreckage
And gruesome images

Every time that you came onto me
Don’t need to think about it now
Who have I been

I pulled the wool over my eyes
Why am I surprised

Oh I should have known

Oh I should have known and I
Came down hard and
Came down fast
There ain’t any part of this that’s gonna last

Change my vows

Change my dues
Spend a little time in another girls‘ shoes

Have I told you that I’ve been feeling scared
Worrying I was lying

Faking not trying

Afraid of having to face what I’ve found

Haven’t been the kind of girl that I want around
I pulled the wool over my eyes
Why am I surprised

Oh I should have known

Oh I should have known
Track Name: O Rainy Day
O Rainy Day
Where do you go
When the West wind wild and wicked
Blows clouds in full of snow
Head to your harbour
Do you set your sails for home
You can paint the landscape later
Once the chill's gone from your bones

O Rainy Day

On a summer afternoon

With the sun so bright and livid
It’s mockery to you

Run to the water’s edge

Your blue breeze disappears
You can paint horizons later
Mixing pigment in your tears

O Rainy Day

Will you watercolour me

I’m feeling pale and portly
Only rain will rescue me

Drop by drop in orange

Oar by oar in blue

You can paint the surface later
Rainy day see me through
Track Name: Scott Free
How was your day
How I’ve missed you
Come to bed with me
Turn out the light
Tomorrow morning

I am keeping you
Your name in every breath and I say

Your fingers at my breast and I say
Will I ever know you

Babe it’s late

You had me worried

Tell me what’s on your mind
I toss and turn

Something isn’t right

You won’t say anything
When the cops show up


Sixteen years don’t mean much
Did I ever know you?

What if I stayed?

What if I waited?

What if you get off Scott free?
We could pretend

We could forget it

Lord I can’t think straight

Now your face

In every memory

I don’t know what it looks like
Was it real?

Were we happy?

I’m selling everything
When the cops show up


Sixteen years don’t mean much

I’m selling everything

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